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The Disabled Sailing Association (DSA) strives to increase the independence, motivation and quality of life as well as offer physical fitness opportunities for people with significant physical disabilities. DSA's sailing operations are based at Jericho Sailing Centre. Jericho Sailing Centre houses the DSA offices as well as the equipment room, fondly called referred to as “The Cage.”

Our core program is outfitted for a variety of disabilities and sailing skill levels. With the the Martin 16 sailboat and the Sip n' Puff control system, anyone with a physical disability can sail.

We provide opportunities for recreational and competitive sailing as well as instruction for first-time sailors. DSA' sailing season runs from late May through August. Despite the schedule sailors are encouraged to come at any time and usually our staff can find an available sailboat on short notice.

Racing and Regattas

Integration Regatta
The annual Integration Regatta was inaugurated in 1999, when sailors with a disability issued a challenge. In this event, DSA's sailors compete head-on with their able-bodied competitors representing yacht clubs and boating organizations from around the Lower Mainland.

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Season Opener / New Beginnings Regatta
The New Beginnings Regatta was first introduced in the summer of 2002. The purpose of this two-day event is to introduce children and adults with disabilities to sailing for the first time.

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DSA Cascadia Regatta
The DSA Cascadia Regatta will be held at the Jericho Sailing Centre on English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia. The event is organized by the Disabled Sailing Association, Vancouver Chapter, and the Jericho Sailing Centre.

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Waves Regatta
The Easter Seals Waves Regatta is hosted by Royal Vancouver Yacht club, and open to all sailors, RVYC members and members of other clubs on an equal basis. For the races hosted by RVYC all participants are guests of the club for racing and post-race socializing. DSA supports members who wist to race by making Martin 16s availalbe.

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Mobility Cup
The Mobility Cup, first held in Vancouver in 1991, has become the national open regatta for sailors with a disability. This race series is a world-class event and attracts competitors and spectators from throughout North America and around the world.

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Children’s Program

Children’s Sailing Opportunities
The DSA Children’s Program offers regular sailing opportunities along with special Kid's Days at Jericho every summer.

Kids' Adventure Days
This program began in 2001. With the help of the BC Mobility Opportunities Society (BCMOS), the day involves hiking and sailing.

  Volunteer Herb Reesor

Volunteer Development
and Orientation

Volunteers are necessary for the success of every DSA program. DSA has developed special literature and manuals outlining the volunteers’ responsibilities.

Orientation sessions are also held every summer to give them “hands-on” experience.

Workshops teach volunteers water safety and sailing skills, as well as familiarize them with the equipment used by DSA.

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Community Awareness Development Program

Each year DSA holds special events to recognize its supporters, volunteers and participants.

These gatherings, held in various locations, receive media attention and community support.

They provide DSA with an opportunity to recognize * its supporters and highlight the accomplishments of its programs.

They also update the community on the direction of DSA and the different programs that we offer.