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CASCADIA REGATTA: Saturday/Sunday Aug. 5/6, 2017


The Cascadia Regatta will be held at the Jericho Sailing Centre on English Bay in Vancouver, British Columbia. The event is organized by the Disabled Sailing Association, Vancouver Chapter, and the Jericho Sailing Centre.

The races will be governed in accordance with the International Sailing Federation, herein referred to as the “ISAF”, including CYA prescriptions as sailing instructions and the Martin 16 class rules.

Entry is open to all sailors. Visiting sailors will be provided storage space on the Jericho compound for boats and equipment. Jericho Sailing Centre will not assume liability for any boats or equipment on site.


Aug. 5, 2017


Sailors all present
Sailors on water by 11am
Aug. 6, 2017
10am Sailors all present
Sailors on water by 11am

All races will be sailed in Martin 16 sloops.

The low point scoring system will be used as published in ISAF appendix A2.2.

All participants are required to wear an approved PFD when on the water.

Boat Allocations
Boat allocation will be made by draw.

Course outline will be given out at the skippers meeting and will then be posted on the notice board.

The Award Ceremony will take place on Sunday at 5pm, at the Jericho Sailing Centre.

Radio Communications
A boat shall neither make nor receive radio transmissions (including cellular telephone) while racing, except in an emergency to summon assistance.

Team and Private Support Boats
Team and private support boats are allowed to be in the racing area until the warming signal for each race. Thereafter, they shall not be closer than 100 meters to any boat that is racing (except a boat in distress requiring assistance), mark or rhumb line of the course, inside the course triangle, or on the right side of the weather leg lay line.

Should there be a postponement, team and private support boats may re-enter the racing area and resume communications until the next warning signal is given.

The penalty for breaking this requirement may be disqualification of all boats associated with the team or private support boat or another penalty at the discretion of the international jury.

Race Chair: TBA
Regatta Chair: TBA

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Here is a picture from a previous Cascadia Regatta:


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