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DSA Booking Procedures

We have a booking system in place to get the most people sailing in the fairest possible way.

All sails are booked through our summer office at Jericho Sailing Centre (map), which is open Wednesday to Sunday, 10am-6pm, during the summer sailing season.

You can book a sail from 1pm on Friday, May 18. Our Jericho office is currently closed, so contact us at our head office.

DSA boats are on the water during the sailing season from 11am to 5:30pm, Wednesday to Sunday, as tides and wind allow. Each sail lasts around 60 minutes, beginning on the hour or half-hour. 

The Jericho office is closed Monday and Tuesday, and no bookings can be taken on these days.

(Regatta dates and other events are listed on Calendar of Events.)

This is how the procedure works:



We offer one-hour sailing experiences, with boats launched every half hour between 11am and 4:30pm, Wednesday through Sunday.

 2. Individuals can book up to three sails at one time. Groups of three or more can only book one outing at a time.
 3. You must be registered with us. This can be handled on the day before your first sail of the season - allow at least 20 minutes for registration. (Speed things along by downloading the registration form and filling it out ahead of time.)

Note our cancellation policy: we require four hours' notice from individual sailors, or 24 hours' from groups, in the event of cancellation. Anyone unable to contact us in sufficient time will pay for the missed sail.

 5. If you plan to sail more than four times, you will be encouraged to purchase a Jericho Membership to help with the costs of running the centre.
 6. On their third sail, participants will have the opportunity to book three more sails.



Annual Membership
(Includes introductory sail for first-time sailors only)
$10   Adult Jericho Sailing Membership (required after four sails) $99
Individual sails $10   Child Membership $59


 Booking information

The DSA sailing program is extremely popular, and we can only have a limited number of people on the water at any one time. If you want to sail, you must book in advance.

In the interest of fairness, groups - which is anyone representing three or more people - can only book one outing at a time. However, immediately after sailing you may be able to book your next visit. (We have found group bookings have a high level of cancellations, usually too late to allow someone else to sail.)

For individuals, we require a minimum of a four-hour notice of cancellation, otherwise you will be required to pay $10 for the missed sail next time you participate.

For groups, we require a minimum of 24-hours notice of cancellation, otherwise you will be required to reimburse DSA-BC.

   Essential items

We encourage you to be prepared for a variety of temperature extremes when going sailing. It’s a good idea to bring:


Light sweater    Wind jacket
Waterproof jacket / rain gear   Gloves
 (we have waterproof pants  if needed)   Sun lotion
Sun hat   Sunglasses
Toque   Towel



Pay parking is available adjacent to the DSA office.

  image: woman using the Hoist to get into sailboat

Transfer of our participants into the Martin 16 sailboats are done either manually or by through the aid of an electric transfer lift installed at Jericho Sailing Centre.

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Our summer office is:

Disabled Sailing Association of BC
Jericho Sailing Centre,
1300 Discovery Street,
Vancouver, BC  V6R 4L9

This is currently closed. Contact us via our Vancouver head office.


image: Jericho Sailing Centre

Sailor registration
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