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If you are thinking of disposing of your boat because you want something larger, something smaller or simply because you are not using the vessel, there are several possible alternatives. A way that is easy and philanthropic and one that offers potential tax advantages is to donate your boat to the Disabled Sailing Association's Boat Donation Program. In return for the donation of your vessel, we will issue a receipt for 100% of the surveyed fair market value of your boat.You can relax with the knowledge that, through the proceeds of the sale of your boat, you are making it possible for sailors with disabilities to experience the delights of being on the water and, at the same time, to benefit from a generous reduction of your taxable income.

What boats are suitable?

The Disabled Sailing Association will consider all boats - large, small, sailing vessels, motor yachts, and even commercial boats. Because our program centers on the fast, maneuverable and, most importantly, completely unsinkable Martin 16 sailboat, all donated boats will be sold with the proceeds going to the Association's general revenue to meet operating and capital requirements.

Who is involved in this process?

The Boat Donation Program has received enthusiastic support from the British Columbia Yacht Brokers Association (BCYBA) and other professionals in the industry (a surveyors, marinas, mechanics, insurers, etc.). Some of these professionals have agreed to donate their services and commissions as part of their contribution to the Disabled Sailing Association. In situations where the services are not donated, the DSA will be responsible for the costs.

As in all contracts, there is fine print

The donated boat must be free and clear of all liens and encumbrances and have a minimum value of $10,000.

The boat must be saleable at a level that exceeds the costs incurred to deliver and sell it. (For instance, if repairs are needed, we need to ensure that those costs will not exceed the realistic sale price of the donated boat.)

We suggest you speak to your accountant / estate planner to determine your personal tax benefit.

How do I go about donating my boat?

Call, fax or e-mail us to tell us about your boat. We will arrange to meet you and look over your boat to begin the evaluation process.

We will then arrange a professional survey and mechanical inspection, to obtain a value that will appear as a charitable receipt for you. We will also arrange for all documentation. Once you have transferred title to the Disabled Sailing Association, we will facilitate the delivery of your boat to the appropriate marina to be sold.

We will look after insurance, mortgage or storage, any cleaning or painting required and brokerage costs. Finally, we will issue you a receipt for 100% of the surveyed fair market value of your vessel as a charitable donation.

Now, wasn't that easy!

Comments from our generous donors:

"It was a way to get rid of my boat and do some good at the same time." - Anonymous, Vancouver

"We tried unsuccessfully to sell the boat ourselves. We had to keep it spic and span clean and be constantly available and meanwhile we continued to incur moorage costs. It cost money to donate, but made it easier and did some good." - Don Griffin, North Vancouver

And from a happy buyer:

"We love the boat. I am pleased to pay for the registration to maintain the heritage of the vessel and relieve the financial responsibility from the DSA. We want to keep the registration number and history of the vessel intact. We plan to race her and hope to come close to the accomplishments of her previous owner.

We are also members of the Jericho Sailing Association and witness first hand the pleasure the DSA staff and volunteers afford to the enjoyment of safe unrestricted access to sailing."

- Mark Evans, Vancouver

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For more information, call

Steven Hunter
604-688-6464 #132

Boat Donation Program Coordinator
for complete details.

For more information, call

Stephen Hunter
604-688-6464 #132

Boat Donation Program Coordinator
      for complete details.


Here are two Boat Donation Program examples that shows how the bottom-line numbers work for you.


 Jean-Paul Cardinal presenting donation to DSA.

Thanks to Jean-Paul Cardinal (left) of Westerly Yachts Sales Ltd. for presenting a donation to Duane Geddes (right), DSA General Manager.